Corporate events

Corporate events

Hold your corporate events at Cines Callao. Presentations, press conferences, awards ceremonies, catwalks, parties, company dinners, etc. We have the best facilities and the most professional technical team for you to do so. A space equipped with the latest technology in sound, image and lighting, in an emblematic building located right in the centre of Madrid.
Cinema 1: our emblematic and versatile art deco cinema, split into a bottom floor and amphitheatre. It has 752 seats (474 on the bottom floor (stalls) and 278 in the amphitheatre), a stage and a big screen. One of its special features is that the seats on the bottom floor can be removed, leaving a large, open hall measuring 750 m2 available to the client, which can be corporatized or decorated, a needed.
Cinema 2: a stage, 410 seats, a big screen and a bar at the entrance to the cinema.
Ambigú: a space with 200-person capacity, ideal for photo ops, press conferences, private events, etc. It has a large bar, the perfect accessory for cocktail events.

Phone: 915 913 100

Callao City Lights, hosts of outdoor advertising in Madrid

On September 27 Callao City Lights will be the meeting point of the outdoor advertising sector. Our space in Cines Callao will host the third edition of the Outdoor Advertising Forum / DOOH, organized by the magazine La Publicidad. An opportunity to learn about the latest news and success stories of a medium that is booming and constantly evolving.

Polaroid eyewear celebrates the launch of its new glasses line at callao

Inspired by the first 3D movie glasses, the new Polaroid Heritage Collection glasses were presented at a huge party, enlivened by influencers The Tripletz, Gici & Alex Vives, Gerard Estadella and Álvaro Mel, who showed off their huge DJing talent. Cinema 1 at Cines Callao was cleared out to make an open space, where young and beautiful people had a great time to the rhythm of the hottest music of the moment.


Colour and music, stars of l'oreal professionnel's iii hair fashion night

Hundreds of the brand's followers didn’t want to miss out on the third year of this huge international event, put on by L’Oréal Professionnel. Once again, they selected Cines Callao as the place to hold it in Spain. This time around, salons and consumers got to see the possibilities offered by Colorfulhair Flash in person, the premiere line of instant hair make-up launched to the market by L'Oréal Professionnel. The event took place as a huge party, brought to life by the popular DJ team Pepino Marino and Crawford (Trend Twins), with actresses Hiba Abouk, Andrea Duro and Juana Acosta in attendance, ambassadors for L'Oréal Professionnel, as well as several influences and well-known professionals from the hairdressing world, including stylist Alberto Cerdán, also a brand ambassador.


Ali Express beats the guinness record for unboxing at cines callao

A smashing event for Ali Express at Cines Callao. The popular e-commerce platform wanted to celebrate its 8th anniversary in an original way: inviting its followers to participate in the challenge of achieving the largest simultaneous unboxing in the world. To entice the more than 300 participants, the reward was getting to keep the contents of the box they opened: a Xiaomi Mi Band 2, one of the best-selling technological products on AliExpress Plaza, the local vendor channel in Spain. And did they ever manage to do it!

Successful iv programmatic advertising forum at Cines Callao

Over 800 professionals from the advertising and marketing sector came to the 4th Programmatic Advertising Forum last 20 February, put on by the newspaper La Publicidad at Cines Callao. The event shared the latest news in programmatic advertising, and several highly interesting success stories, through speakers from the following companies: Addition Plus, Adform, Adwanted, Aunia, Amnet Iberia (Carat), Digilant, Infinia, Havas Media, LiniCom, Oath, OMD, Publicis Media, Qualifio, Rubicon Project, Seedtag, Sibbo Ventures, Sizmek, Spotify,  Smart ad Server, TAPTAP, Tappx and Teads.

Cines Callao will host "la publicidad" professional forums

Cines Callao will be the stage for professional forums arranged by "La Publicidad," a media source specialised in the marketing and advertising sector. Specifically, eight different events will take place at our space over the course of 2018.
The first will be on Programmatic Advertising, to be held next 20 February. Later on, Cines Callao will also host the following forums: Native Advertising (March), Big Data GDPR (April), Mobile (May), Social Media (June), DOOH (September), Online Video (October), Brand Content (November) and Pay TV (December).

Sephora presents singer Rihanna along with the fenty beauty make-up line

Thousands of people came to Callao Square to catch an up-close glimpse of singer Rihanna, who came to Cines Callao to present the new Fenty Beauty make-upline, launched by Sephora.
The cinema was converted to a set, with different filming locations to record the promotional video for the launch, with the participation of several celebrities and influencers, in addition to Rihanna herself. The images were broadcast in almost real time on the screens outside the cinemas, rotating with the brand's advert and an augmented reality action where the new make-up line products flew over the square. Thousands of fans were awaiting the famous singer's arrival.

Successful sing-along with the film "holy camp! (la llamada)"

Hundreds of spectators enjoyed a sing-along showing of the film Holy Camp!, organised by La Tropa Produce. An original show, in addition to seeing the musical's film version, spectators could dance and sing to the soundtrack, just like doing karaoke. Cheered on by the Sing Along team, the audience thoroughly enjoyed performing songs from "Los Javis'" debut (Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo) as feature length-film directors.

Santander presents the short film "Cuánto. Más allá del dinero" at Callao

Cines Callao was the stage selected by Santander Bank for the premiere of "Cuánto. Más allá del dinero (How much. Beyond money)", the short film created to promote the new Smart 1/2/3 Account, launched by the financial entity. A sci-fi thriller narrating the story of Lucía (Adriana Ugarte), a young girl who decides to sell some of her personal experiences to grow wealthy.

A campaign designed and developed by the agency MRM//McCann, it won a plethora of awards. The premiere was attended by hundreds of guests, including the film's star.

Cines Callao welcomes the IV Platino Awards for Ibero-American Cinema

Approximately 400 guests attended this great festival held at Cines Callao in Madrid to welcome the 4th PLATINO Awards for Ibero-American cinema. The event acted as a prelude for the awards ceremony, which took place a few days later at the Caja Mágica in Madrid. Huge Ibero-American stars were present at this huge event where nominees and other celebrities from the film and music world mingled.

Atresmedia presents Flooxer, its new online video platform

At Atresmedia's side, Cines Callao celebrated the launch of Flooxer, the new premium online short video platform. Guests enjoyed a viewing of popular web series, such as Paquita Salas, Temporada Baja, Entertaintment and El Partido.

Flooxer is Atresmedia's new platform for creators with the most talent and visibility, hooking millions of users with videos every day. A new window for the group to push forward in its zeal for native content on the internet.

L’Oréal turns Callao into the largest hair salon in Spain

Cinema 1 at Cines Callao became the largest hair salon in Spain, thanks to L’Oréal Professionnel and its long-awaited Hair Fashion Night. One of the most important hair events in the sector, where the cosmetics and personal care firm shows the world how talented its hairdressers are. Over 40 professionals styled hair for free for those who attended this crowded event which has been held internationally for years.

Cine Callao pays tribute to the world of celluloid on its 90th birthday

Cine Callao, one of the most emblematic cinemas in Madrid, held a lavish celebration for its 90th birthday, with a party paying tribute to the world of celluloid. Well-known personalities from film and entertainment attended the event, with constant nods to film. The outdoor screens of the iconic building in Callao Square showed images which, thanks to augmented reality technology, brought the audience crowding this Madrid plaza back to the 1920s, simulating a silent horror film with cinematographic characters from different time periods, such as Nosferatu and King Kong, along with futuristic elements.

The event, led by host Carlos Sobera, included a showing of a commemorative video for Cine Callao's 90 years of history. It showed figures from the film industry, such as film director Chus Gutiérrez, producers Enrique Cerezo and Enrique López-Lavigne and actress Terele Pávez, and more, narrating the cinema's important role in Madrid's film history. The new corporate image was also introduced.

What's more, guests could take photos with some of the most popular faces and celebrities in the history of film as they wandered about the cinema. Marilyn Monroe, Darth Vader, the Marx Brothers, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Indiana Jones and the character interpreted by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill posed next to guests at the party. Of course, there was great music, with well-known film soundtracks performed live by the Spring Cuartet band and a huge birthday cake.

Sephora's spectacular face-mapping action at Callao

Cines Callao was the location selected by the cosmetics brand Sephora for a spectacular event to launch the Kat Von D Beauty make-up line. The event was completed by the well-known Mexican tattoo artist, with an impressive face-mapping action and the collaboration of Wildbytes.

The tattoo artist, businesswoman and USA television celebrity was the star of an authentic spectacle, bringing cosmetics and technology together. Kat Von D acted as a model for an event, where her face was the screen animated images were projected on, that were "tattooed" on her face as if it were a canvas. The action was broadcast on the Callao City Lights outdoor screens, with huge media repercussions: over 90 million online impressions. A huge worldwide hit for the firm.




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