Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Callao City Lights has the most advanced permanent Augmented Reality platform on the market. Created with the collaboration of the Wildbytes agency, this cutting-edge tool combines the live image of the square with virtual elements on the outdoor screen located in Callao, turning the real world around the audience into an interactive and digital universe.

The new platform, which is interactive and can be customised, can turn Callao Square into the brand's universe in real time, with the audience seeing themselves on the screen and starring in the action.

The technology can be used for live events broadcast on our screens, linked to the weather or connected with e-commerce platforms, exponentially increasing possibilities of making what's happening in the square go viral.

A whole world of possibilities when creating unique and relevant experiences for the audience who goes through Callao Square every day, the busiest square in Spain (113 million people per year) and the third-busiest in Europe, after Piccadilly Circus (London) and the Louvre Square (Paris).

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The main screen of Callao City Lights became the setting for a spectacular immersive experience that allowed the public of the square to participate in an interactive game and discover some of the most unique places in the city.
Thanks to the technology of augmented reality (AR), Timberland transformed Plaza del Callao into a virtual city with all kinds of buildings and urban elements. The public was able to participate in a game that consisted of throwing a virtual boot into the air that appeared on screen and ended up moving people to hidden scenarios in Madrid. Through the big screen of Callao City Lights and thanks to Timberland, the public was able to discover the city from another point of view.
The action, managed by Posterscope and Ymedia and created by Wildbytes, was carried out with the aim of presenting Timberland's Cityroam collection.

Mahou turns Callao square into a barrel cellar

In support of the launch for Mahou's new Barrica line, lager beers aged in oak barrels, the beer company Mahou held an Augmented Reality action in Madrid's Square of Callao, using the technology provided by Callao City Lights.

The audience participated in an original interactive game, where they could see themselves on the screen placed on Cines Callao's main façade, interacting with a digital barrel until it burst. The challenge consisted of keeping the barrel from touching the ground for one minute. During this time, it was on the screen, with a countdown.

The AR action, designed by the Wildbytes agency in collaboration with DigitasLBi and carried out with Callao City Lights's participation, was shared on social media with the hashtag #RevientaLasReglas (#SmashTheRules). This hashtag was also used for a national campaign (with TV and Digital media presence), aimed at a young target audience, people who have smashed the rules with the way the live their life, inspiring the brand to also smash the rules in the beer category.

Orange and Google turn Callao into a lunar landscape, a ski resort and New York city

To launch Google's first smartphone in Spain, the new Pixel 2 XL, Orange, the operator chosen to sell the device in our country, carried out a special action in Madrid's Square of Callao, using Augmented Reality technology on Callao City Lights' outdoor screens.

A spectacular action carried out by the Wildbytes agency, in collaboration with Leo Burnett, that transported the audience in the square to far-off locations, such as New York City, a ski resort and a lunar landscape.

With the aid of Augmented Reality, passers-by in Callao got a first-hand chance to try out the possibilities offered by one of the device's most noteworthy features: Google Assistant, a voice-activated virtual assistant that answers questions.

Sephora uses Augmented Reality to present the fenty beauty by Rihanna make-up line in Spain

To present the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna make-up line in Spain, the perfume chain Sephora used Cines Callao's outdoor screens in Madrid, with the collaboration of the Wildbytes agency, to carry out an augmented reality action where several products from the cosmetic line flew above a packed Callao Square, with thousands of fans awaiting the famous singer.

The event was bursting at the seams, organised by the Wildbytes agency. It also included an almost real-time broadcast of entertaining images of celebrities and influencers who attended the event on Callao's outdoor screens, recorded a few minutes before on a set built for the occasion inside the cinema. The audience in the square got to see several guests jumping on a trampoline, shaped like the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, or swing, just like Rihanna did, on a GlossBomb XL. These shots will be used in a video that Sephora Spain will be shortly posting online and on social media to promote Fenty Beauty.

Cine Callao transports the audience in the square to the 1920s, on its 90th anniversary

Cine Callao, one of the most emblematic cinemas in Madrid, held a lavish celebration for its 90th birthday, with a party paying tribute to the world of celluloid. Well-known personalities from film and entertainment attended the event, with constant nods to film. The outdoor screens of the iconic building in Callao Square showed images which, thanks to augmented reality technology, brought the audience crowding this Madrid plaza back to the 1920s, simulating a silent horror film with cinematographic characters from different time periods, such as Nosferatu and King Kong, along with futuristic elements.

Fox puts fans into its most popular series, thanks to Augmented Reality

To share the launch of several new seasons for series broadcast by Fox (The Walking Dead, Homeland and Marvel’s Agents of Shield), the channel turned Callao Square into the universe created by these shows, jam-packing the square and garnering over half a million views on YouTube in just two short days.

The audience in Callao Square were able to star in their favourite series, thanks to the spectacular Augmented Reality action carried out on Callao City Lights' outdoor screens with the collaboration of technology company Wildbytes.

The channel had invited its series' fans through social media, promising that they would star in their favourite shows. Guests had a first-hand experience that they could share and comment on with the hashtag #AhoraTeTocaATi (#NowIt'sYourTurn).

Spectators in the square got to test "jumping into" certain scenes in "The Walking Dead:" Callao Square was filled with zombies, and the most emblematic surrounding buildings took on an apocalyptic appearance, engulfed in creeping vines. They did the same thing with "Homeland," "Marvel's Agents of Shield” and "Sleepy Hollow." For over an hour and a half, fans of the series got to participate in some of their action scenes.

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