Advertising in the centre of Madrid

Advertising in the centre of Madrid

We have the most impressive and revolutionary advertising media on the market: two digital big screens equipped with the latest technology, located right in the centre of Madrid, in the most-visited square in Spain (113 million people per year), and the third-busiest in Europe.

The most ideal outdoor media for looped advertising, with the duration and frequency set as desired. The size of our screens, along with their privileged location in one of the most commercial areas of Madrid bolsters the success of campaigns.

Led screens

Our screens, measuring 101 m2 and 130 m2, are made with millions of LEDs, guaranteeing great visibility in the entire area.  They have a two-way connection to interact with the audience through mobile devices. Moreover, there is an Augmented Reality platform, the most advanced on the market, a new communication model blending technology, creativity, and interactivity. There is one objective: to connect with people. Cutting-edge technology that places Callao Square at the forefront of innovation in digital outdoor advertising on the international stage, comparable to other locations such as Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.

soportes de publicidad en Madrid centro
soportes de publicidad en Madrid centro
soportes de publicidad en Madrid centro

We are technology

Technology is why we exist, and it means we can offer different ways to advertise and/or special actions:

  • Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality means we can play with our surroundings, making it so we can "jump into" the screen and be the stars of exciting experiences that blend reality and fiction.
    To this end, we have the most advanced Augmented Reality platform on the market. The most cutting-edge technology for spectacular advertising actions on our big digital screen, located in Callao Square.
    A digital, interactive digital platform that can be customised, it can transform Callao Square, in real time, into the brand's universe, while the audience can see themselves on the screen, making them the stars of the action.
    Thanks to the computer vision cameras installed outside the Cines Callao, we can see the live image of the square on the screen, combined with the virtual elements the client wants to add, making the real world into an interactive, digital universe.

  • Visibility and going viral
    Cutting-edge technology connects the screens in Callao with their surroundings, granting greater visibility to advertising campaigns and huge possibilities of going viral, increasing the action's success.
  • Screen synchronisation
    The screens in Callao can synchronise their content with the client, giving loads of possibilities for advertising campaigns. The result is more striking, original and impressive advertising.
  • Interaction and socialisation
    Interactivity is another one of the features offered by our media. The audience in the area can interact with screens through their mobile devices. This feature can be used with contests, games or any other format the brand desires.


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