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Actions on our screens

In addition to conventional advertising, the new technology built into our screens provides for special actions or live broadcasting, as many institutions and brands have already proven.

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note9 launch with a synchronised action on Callao's screens

To raise awareness of the new Galaxy Note9 launch, Samsung Spain and its agency Cheil Spain held a spectacular synchronised action on the digital screens in Madrid's Square of Callao, including the two Callao City Lights screens, located on the outside of the Cines Callao.

From 24 August until 6 September, a video was broadcast about the new device’s main new features: a battery that lasts all day (up to 1 terabyte, with expandable memory), a more powerful S Pen, a smart camera that automatically optimises, and versions in three different colours (blue, purple and pink). The synchronisation effect reached its pivotal moment when it showed an example of how the S Pen works: the stroke went linearly across all the screens in the square, drawing different figures on each one of them, turning Callao into a true visual spectacle.

For Samsung Spain, this is the second synchronised action it has carried out this year on the screens at Callao Square. The previous action took place last spring, to launch the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices. Entitled "Parkour," it won Cheil Spain and Samsung Electronics several international advertising awards; two gold prizes at the El Sol 2018 festival, one in the Media section and another in the Outdoor section, and a Silver Lion at Cannes Lions 2018, in Outdoor.

Several "Traceurs" travel Callao's screens to announce the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9

For the launch of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices, Samsung Spain, through its agency Cheil Spain,
did an ad hoc video production to create a synchronised action. To do so, they used the 9 digital screens located in Callao Square, including the 2 owned by Callao City Lights.

The video showcases several individuals ("traceurs") jumping from one screen to the next, doing parkour. With this discipline, adepts leap from one place to the next, using the elements they find along the way as a springboard, as if true urban athletes. These spectacular images were sometimes slowed down to show the benefits of the super slow-motion mode on the new Samsung devices. Once again, a surprising action that masterfully combined creativity and technology.

Telemadrid celebrated Valentine's Day at Cines Callao

For Valentine's Day, last 14 February, the show "En Boca de Todos," broadcast by Telemadrid, wanted to pay tribute to lovebirds with a direct connection from Callao Square. At the square, Paquita and Pedro could see emotional footage of their great love story on our big screen. A relationship that has lasted for over 60 years, that they wanted to share with the audience in the square and the show's viewers.

Callao City Lights screens, Fitur's display in the centre of Madrid

The presence of international tourism fair Fitur was made known in the centre of Madrid, thanks to the trust that several tourist promoters placed in Callao City Lights. During the week the fair was held, Cines Callao's screens showcased this year's participation of huge industry brands, such as Tourism of Mexico, Paradores, Tourism of El Salvador and the Provincial Tourism Sponsorship of Costa Blanca.

Fitur 2018 was held in Madrid last 17 through 21 January.

The Christmas Lottery drawing, once again in Callao

Just like in years past, the Christmas Lottery drawing was broadcast live on 22 December on Cines Callao's outdoor screens, thanks to the collaboration of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

Once again, the sound of rotating drums and San Ildefonso children's voices joined the audience in the area, who were able to watch the traditional drawing live.

Thus, Callao City Lights joined one of the most expectant moments for many natives of Madrid, which gives the starting signal for the Christmas holiday season.

Jurassic Park's dinosaurs come to Callao

For the world premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Universal Pictures used Callao City Lights' outdoor screens for a synchronised action, announcing the viewing of the first trailer for the film the following day. This new instalment in the Jurassic Park saga, this time directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, will premiere in Spain 8 June 2018. And the Cines Callao will be one of the cinemas showing it.

Samsung hosts a synchronised action on the screens of Gran Vía

To launch the new Galaxy S8 device, Samsung hosted a spectacular action, simultaneously using five screens in Callao Square, including the Callao City Lights screens. El Corte Inglés also participated in this advertising action with its vertical screen, and Súper 8, with the screens on the Fnac building and the Palacio de la Prensa. In a coordinated way, they all displayed a spectacular animation that flowed from one screen to another.

Under the motto Unbox Your Phone, the projection began with a countdown to show the new Samsung Galaxy S8, which has a frameless screen and new features, such as the smart Bixby assistant and iris recognition. An original animation with an ocean background, where the image of a gigantic whale and a diver harmoniously went from one screen to another, soaked Callao Square for an hour.

Callao, with young artists

Callao City Lights is with culture. Its space and screens are the perfect stage to share all kinds of artistic and cultural activities. One shining example of this is how our screens display work by representative youth in design, photography and illustration. On a monthly basis, the magazine Yorokobu makes a selection and brings the best projects by young promises in the art world to Callao Square. Some of the artists who have already shared their work on our screens include: Juan Díaz Faes, Bakea, Zigor Samaniego, Amaia Arrazola, Pedro Perles, David Despau, Noelia Lozano, Mercedes DeBellard, Michele Marconi, Valentina Loffredo, Hugo Martínez (Princess Cheeto), Miguel Navia and Diletta Pacifici.

UNICEF causes "A blackout" in Callao square

24 and 25 March 2017, the audience in Callao Square participated in an action consisting of causing a small blackout in the area. For each SMS sent to the telephone number on the gigantic screen owned by Cines Callao in the square, a donation was made to UNICEF, as the screen blacked out in areas, bit by bit.

The action, promoted by UNICEF with the collaboration of Cines Callao, was part of the #cierraUNICEF (#closeUNICEF) campaign that the organisation had put in motion to end, once and for all, the hardships millions of children suffer all over the world, so that its job would no longer be necessary. Callao City Lights collaborated in this action by providing UNICEF with its main big screen, located in Callao Square.

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