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Callao City Lights is the company that manages the emblematic Cines Callao, home to the leading premieres and events in Madrid. And one of the most representative locations for outdoor big-screen digital advertising.

Located in Callao Square, right in the centre of Madrid, they are a point of reference for celebrating film events. The red carpet has welcomed the past few decades' biggest national and international movie stars.

This is also a privileged location to hold shows (monologues, magic shows, etc.) and all sorts of events (presentations, press conferences, awards ceremonies, catwalks, parties, corporate dinners, etc.). The modern, versatile facilities boast cutting-edge sound, image and lighting technology.

What's more, the Cines Callao are pioneers in big-screen digital advertising, with the 2 gigantic screens (101m2 and 130m2) located on the building's outside façade since 2011. These media have LED technology and a two-way connection so the audience in the area can interact through their mobile phones, and to provide for live broadcasting of all sorts of events. In 2017, another cutting-edge addition: the most advanced Augmented Reality platform on the market, a new communication model that blends technology, creativity and interactivity. Its objective? To connect people.

The privileged location of our cinemas, in the busiest square in Spain (over 113 million people per year) and the third most-visited in Europe, along with our ongoing ambition to add the latest technology, make our screens an exceptional space in Madrid to exhibit cultural and advertising content. A place that measures up to other international enclaves, like New York, London and Hong Kong, points of reference for large-screen outdoor digital advertising around the world.

Empresa organizadora eventos en Madrid
Empresa organizadora eventos en Madrid
Empresa organizadora eventos en Madrid
Empresa organizadora eventos en Madrid

A cinema story

Built in 1926 by Luis Gutiérrez Soto, the historic Cines Callao building is the greatest exponent of Art Deco architecture in the capital. It was inaugurated as a cinema 11 December that same year, with a showing of the film "Luis Candelas, el bandido de Madrid."

Ever culturally avant-garde, it was the first cinema in Spain to play a talking picture, "The Jazz Singer," 13 June 1929, and also the first one filmed in Spanish in Hollywood, "El cuerpo del delito (The Benson Murder Case)," the 21 May 1930. What's more, the first colour film in Spain premiered at Cines Callao in 1935, and in 1953, the first 3D movie.

The cinema was designed in the purest American style of the epoch, meaning without aristocratic balconies and a full view from the seats, which at the time numbered 1,300. Today fallen into disuse, the rooftop terrace was built to show films outdoors, as a summer cinema.

Although the basement was originally designed to house a musical café or cabaret, it ended up becoming a large billiard hall, with 32 tables and an American bar where a barman served clients cocktails. During the Spanish Civil War, this space acted as a social canteen. In the 1980s, it became the popular Xenon party club and discotheque, and then was once again converted into a cinema in 1998.

Despite the passing years, the Cine Callao has adapted to the times, renovating its facilities (currently divided into two cinemas, with joint capacity nearing 1,200 spectators), using the latest technology in sound, image and lighting.

Stage to the biggest premieres

Stage to the greatest film hits of all time, the Cine Callao red carpet has borne witness to huge national and international stars over the past few decades (Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, Richard Gere, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Elsa Pataky, Mario Casas, Brad Pitt, Penélope Cruz, and many more). In recent years, other kinds of events have also been held: the 50th anniversary of West Side Story, the Spanish Red Cross flag festival, Madrid Premiere Week film festival, Feroz Awards, presentation of Microsoft's Halo 4 video game, etc. Additionally, cultural and commercial contents have been displayed on the two digital big screens located outside the building. In 2011, these screens replaced the classic billboards that once upon a time announced the movie listings.

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